If you’re over age 30, I’m pretty sure you’re very familiar with the word “anti-inflammatory”.  Normally it’s the remedy to bodily reactions like headaches, fevers, joint pains, muscle soreness, infections and the list goes on. Remedies include a host of anti-inflammatory medicines, creams, topical ointments, injections, inhalers, as well as a host of antioxidant and cell repairing foods.

There are times when anti-inflammatory remedies need to be applied to life.

First, let’s examine the definition of inflammation.  When the body senses injury, impending infection, disease or discomfort, the impacted area responds by becoming inflamed.  Thousands of cellular activities take place to protect the body, boost the immune system and prepare for recovery.  All of this gearing up of the cells can cause inflammation, which in some cases can impact the healing process. For example a broken bone or damaged joints would cause swelling as a response to inflammation.  In these cases, medicines, compression wraps and therapy would act as anti-inflammatory remedies to assist in the healing process.

Now, let’s flip this to a life situation.  You’re stressed. You’r emotionally drained.  You’re over-exerted at work. You’re juggling too much on your plate.  You have obstacles in your relationships.  You have financial burdens.  You feel overwhelmed. You feel trapped. You become easily offended and defensive. You shut down and with draw. You isolate yourself.  Your body has geared up to protect itself against the stress and you have become….inflamed.

Most of the time, we get in these situations and just continue to spiral out of control until something devastating happens.  But there are a few ways to apply an “anti-inflammatory” remedy to your life:

  1. Tell the truth.  Sometimes it’s so hard to realize the raw truth of what is happening in our lives, that we live a lie until something terrible takes place.  Own your truth. If  situation is not working, it’s not working. Own it, accept it and recognize your part in it.
  2. Assess your injury.  It’s important to identify what you are feeling.  Whether it’s hurt, abandonment, taken advantage of, manipulated, physically abused or emotionally abused, you need to identify how you feel and then assess next steps.
  3. Make a decision. Time is not lazy.  It moves fast and swift.  It’s easy to further exhaust yourself by sitting in limbo over next steps.  Develop a plan that will get results and stick to it.
  4. Do an internal inventory check.   It’s always a good idea to do self checks and see how the internal inventory is looking. Are you low on self love, self esteem, confidence, integrity, balance, peace, joy, understanding, wisdom or anything else? If your situation is robbing you of anything you consider to be inventory, it’s time to implement a change of pace with full force.

I’m also speaking to myself when I say, take time to assess your injury.  Sometimes we don’t realize the mess that we’re in until we have taken the time to assess the depth of the injury.  Never fall into the habit of neglecting yourself.  The goal is to get to a place of peace and balance. Don’t be afraid to apply your life anti-inflammatory remedies!





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