Relationship goals, Hair goals, Body goals, Vacation goals. Life goals. Marriage goals. Money goals. Family goals. Make up goals.  Skin goals.  Fitness goals. Meal prep goals.

In today’s society, being so driven by social media, we are constantly bombarded by perfect images of seemingly perfect people, lifestyles and situations.  We all are striving to be the best version of ourselves, and with that comes the familiar “goals” hashtags to images that may or may not even be real.

Think about it.  The last time you saw a hashtag of “#goals” it was to someone’s perfectly toned body, perfect ripped abs, incredible couple’s achievement, a perfect house, perfect credit score, a perfectly cooked meal or a perfect sunset on a perfect beach.  Very rarely do we see “#goals” to the actual process, or to the struggle.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with setting personal and professional goals for yourself, or striving to achieve your version of success.  But, let’s be clear, striving to achieve someone else’s version of success will only lead to failure.  You must walk your own journey, lay your own path, go through your own trials and experience your own setbacks to get to whatever success looks like to you.  And that’s perfectly okay!

Always remember that the success is in the process.

Striving for success is always in order, however placing your value on someone’s success is definitely out of order.  You are where you need to be right now.  You are moving along your path right now. You don’t have to be perfect, to be amazing!!

Be well beautiful people!

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  1. charlypriest says:

    Trying to the last sentence you posted, hard though


    1. Miss Tangier says:

      Yes I have been guilty of being a perfectionist at times so sometimes it’s hard for me too.

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