A couple of months ago I was brainstorming about content for my next blog entry and the word impact came to mind. I started thinking about all these different experiences I’ve had that have impacted me in some way.

And then on a beautiful sunny day, it hit me.

There I was driving down the street when suddenly I heard the loud banging noise of metal crashing into my vehicle. The airbag deployed immediately and I could no longer tell which direction I was going but I knew that I was no longer on the road. When my vehicle stopped moving, I attempted to get out and was greeted by several first responders who were assisting me.

That momentary impact was the beginning of a life-changing event for me. Thankfully, I only suffered a broken right arm, and after several weeks of healing, today is my first time back on the blog!

Prior to my accident, the word impact was synonymous with negativity. For example, an impacted tooth. The impacts of a hurricane. The impact on your arteries from a bad diet. The impact of going through emotional trauma. And in my situation, the impact of an accident.

This incident has taught me that impact can also be extremely powerful and liberating. It can be enlightening, bring about change, be inspirational, be rewarding, and cause a shift in perspective.

A few broken bones taught me some serious life lessons:

  • No matter how much patience you think you have, you can always use more
  • Healing is an internal process that cannot be rushed
  • Healing takes place in multiple stages
  • I am way stronger than I ever imagined

I hope I never have to go through anything like this again, but at the same time I’m glad for the experience and the lessons learned.

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