Whatever you are currently holding on to in life…grip tighter!

A very simple personal mantra that I found myself practicing is just one word: grip.  In my hectic, multi-tasking world, I’m often doing many things, carrying many things or juggling many things…simultaneously.   If I don’t have a good enough grip, something’s going to slip away.

This doesn’t just pertain to physical items (although I have been getting a good grip there as well!).  More so the non-tangible things.  Finances….get a grip.  Work ethic….get a grip.  Personal relationships….get a grip.  Professional development….get a grip.  Health and wellness…..get a grip!  Whatever any of us are doing at this moment, we can be doing better by tightening up and going to the next level.

You can absolutely get a better grip on something you are doing today.  Whether it’s spending more time with your kids, or spending more time studying a subject.  Or maybe it’s getting ahead of your meal plan routine…..or making a point to let the ones you love know you’re there.

Whatever it is, grip…tighter.

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