Blogging is like taking a literary snapshot of life and sharing it with the world.

Today marks the 1-month anniversary of Tangier’s Place and I am so excited! It took so long for me to get this blog off the ground.  I did a lot of thinking, a lot of planning, a lot of contemplating, a lot of brainstorming, and really at the end of the day I just needed to start.

Since this blog, I have gained new friends, new followers and I’ve been able to encourage people along the way, which I am most grateful for.  To me, blogging is like taking a literary snapshot of life and sharing it with the world and I am happy to be using this gift to impact lives.  Big thank you to everyone who takes the time to read, glance, peek or just view for a second.  Thank you for your support and I promise to never disappoint!

One of the things that has helped me is being able to find ways to be more efficient.  When you have a busy lifestyle, the day can get away from you. But that is no reason not to fulfill your dreams.  Here are a few ways that I put time back into my day:

Start Early

img_1993Historically I am not a morning person, however I recognize that this contributes to the cycle of staying up late, getting up late.  In order to get the most of my day, I get going as early as possible.


Utilize Resources



Apps that provide services like voice-to-text, task reminders and even food delivery services have helped me tremendously when it comes to maximizing my time.  Don’t have time to walk through grocery store aisles? No problem, make a list and have everything delivered in time for dinner.


img_2121Meal prep, wardrobe prep, skin care prep, housecleaning prep…..all kinds of prep helps make every day chores seem less laborious.  Preparation takes a few steps out of every process so you will be winning in more ways than one.

Learn to Pace Yourself

Don’t try to do everything at once!  For example, I am meticulous about the cleanliness of my house.  But if I tried to clean it all in one day, I would get nothing else done.  So I have days that I do certain things and just keep it in rotation.

Stay Humble, Be Grateful

img_2128Often times, this is just a matter of saying please and thank you.  A grateful mindset is a sure way to extend the fullness of your day and also push you to the next level.

Cheers to many more months of blogging!


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