I believe that one of the hardest things for a person to do, is shake a familiar habit or behavior pattern.  Millions of dollars are made each year from programs, training sessions and self-help guides to assist in the process of breaking habits that have not produced desired results.  Often times, once the novelty fades, the old habits creep back in, and we are left wondering why the changes we hoped for just are not happening.

In a desperate attempt to get a change of pace, we may switch things up a bit.  Change jobs, move to a new city, even pick up a few new friends.  But after a while, the same situation settles in, and we are back to the same habits.  The only difference is….new scenery.

Life is about growth and change; as you grow, you are destined to change.

It is virtually impossible to get to new levels in life if you are constantly holding on to your old ways.  This includes ways of thinking, behavior patters, how you engage in relationships, your levels of trust, transparency and more.  Sometimes this also means shifting away from people.  If you have a circle of influence that is not aligned with your direction in life, you may need to distance yourself so that you can continue on your path.  And that is totally okay!

I think of it as pouring new wine into an old wine bottle.  Sure, it may seem okay at first. But after a while, you will smell and taste the remnants of the old wine.  If the old wine is spoiled, it will alter the taste of the new wine.  Eventually, you will settle for the bittersweet taste of what  you have created….an inappropriate mix of the new and the old.

Understand that it is totally okay to do what you have never done before, to get to where you’ve never been before.  The opportunity that awaits you on the other side will be well worth it!

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