Most of us have driven a vehicle that has the infamous “push to start” ignition feature.  It’s amazing!  No keys to worry about, no jingling sound with every turn and no need to worry about grabbing something extra when you get out of the car.

…If only we had a feature like this to apply to our lives!

img_1932-1You know how it is when you are inspired by something or someone.  You get this amazing idea, you start to plan, you do your research, weigh your options….and then POOF! Weeks, months or sometimes a year goes by and you don’t get anything  done!  We have all sorts of clever excuses for it:  writer’s block, working too late, family got in the way, too many other things to do, not enough sleep…but the bottom line is this:  You didn’t make the time to get it done!  I know, it sounds harsh and rude, but I will use myself as an example. I first got my idea for a blog over a year ago. I got excited about it, I planned, I did research and I kept telling myself I needed to get A, B and C aligned before I could launch.  Meanwhile….a YEAR later, all I had was thoughts on paper but no manifestation.  Why? Because I simply did not create the space and the time.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago…I realized this blog wasn’t going to write itself so I literally took a few days off work and absorbed myself in writing, editing, creating and finally…launching!  It was the best feeling ever, I felt unstoppable.  And then I wondered why, after all this time, I had not done it sooner.

Friends, we do not have the time that we think we have.  No matter what age you are, taking time for granted is a grave mistake.  Whatever you are thinking of doing…do.  Whatever you are thinking of launching….launch.  Whatever plans you have….execute.  Whatever dream  you are thinking of starting…..start.

If you are waiting for the perfect opportunity, you will be waiting forever.  Now is the time.

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