Clutter in our physical spaces often leads to clutter in our mental spaces.

Historically I’ve always thought of myself as a clean person or at least very organized. But over the years, I’ve noticed that I developed these ways of shifting clutter instead of actually clearing out the clutter.  Some of you know what I’m talking about; clearing out the bathroom counter while the bathroom closets look a mess.  Rearranging the junk drawer only to stuff a bunch of random items in an ottoman.  Attempting to clean out basement space only to stack up those empty Amazon boxes in the garage! These habits eventually pushed their way into other areas of my life.  Finally I had to get a grip and actually eliminate what was causing the clutter.

It starts with a commitment, whether it be weekly, monthly or quarterly; I had to make a point to eliminate items that were stacking up.  This means breaking down boxes and getting rid of them. Trashing paperwork that I had not looked at in two years or more.  Donating clothes and shoes that were no longer in my wardrobe. Banishing that mentality of “maybe I’ll need it one day”….truth is…no, you won’t.  Clutter in our living spaces often leads to clutter in our mental spaces.  Have you ever written out a to-do list and got overwhelmed before you started on #1?  Or tried to think of what you needed to do for the day and felt a bit of anxiety?  Once you clear out your physical spaces, you will find that your thought processes run so much smoother.

By all means, I’m not saying you should grab a box of Hefty trash bags and get to tossing (although that is totally my style!), but definitely be proactive about what has use in your life, now. 


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