When I was nineteen, I had this burning desire to pack a bag and take off to a place where not many people knew me and where I could start over fresh and new. I have always been a bit of a social butterfly; making conversations with strangers out of thin air was my specialty.  There was something about being on new ground that really fueled my energy.  When I was 21, I decided that it was time for another move, to another place.  I met all new colleagues, made new friends, tasted new food, lived in new neighborhoods.  Then at 24, I moved again.  New environment, new traffic pattern, new after-work vibe, new weather patterns.  At 28, you guessed it, I had to move again!

I continued this pattern until I made my last move to date, at the age of 31.  What was I looking for?    I simply enjoyed the beauty of cultivating new relationships in new settings, all within a new environment.  Even at this very moment, I have thoughts of another move lingering in my head.  This post is to salute all of the nomads out there.  I get you.  I understand you.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to experience as much as you can of this beautiful country, and world.  Often times, we are misunderstood or mistaken to be insatiable or not content.  But we are just lovers of people, places and new experiences.  Cheers to you and your next adventure!

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