The way that I prioritize is not by deciding on what is relevant, but rather on what will keep me relevant. What is important to me now.

We all have our methods and ways of knowing what time it is day to day. Whether you check your mobile, Fitbit, Apple Watch, tablet, laptop or if you just look at the marquee screens outside of certain banks…you make a point to know what time and day it is, day by day. But lo and behold, the moment to actually check a monthly calendar.  You look at the whole month and you may even flip a few pages.  O M G!!  There are only four months left in 2018!! I haven’t made it a third of the way through my goals!! What do I do now???   I know Q4 is right around the corner, but I’m going to give you a very brief blue print of how to get those cold goals back on the front burners.

  1. Prioritize – As a rule of thumb, the way that I prioritize is not by deciding on what is relevant, but rather on what will keep me relevant. What is important to me now. What will have major impact on my life in its current state.  For some, it may be sharpening a skill set to get promoted, changing a diet to become more healthy or managing time to spend more quality nights with the kids. Whatever will make you more relevant, that is what needs to be bumped up on  your list.
  2. Get Brand New – A lot of times, we don’t accomplish our goals because our ways of doing things have gotten a bit dusty. Time to change it up! Go all the way out of your routine, get uncomfortable, shock yourself, push through in areas where you normally would not. Whether it means getting out of bed two hours earlier, or cutting out a bad habit cold turkey. This is how you re-ignite your own engine and give yourself an internal tune-up to tackle the rest of the year.
  3. Limit distractions – If it is not helping you achieve your goals, chances are, it doesn’t deserve the bulk of your time. Learn to designate time for leisure distractions.  This will give your day the structure that it needs so you can get back on target.  If you normally go on a Netflix binge every Saturday, no worries!  You can still enjoy your Netflix; just limit yourself to a couple of hours versus the entire day. 
  4. Write and Repeat – I’m a big fan of “putting things on paper”. When you can visually see what you have going on, it almost paints a picture in your brain to get it done.  What’s more?  Speaking it.  Make a list of your top priorities and once complete, read it out loud.  There’s something about seeing it and speaking it that makes things stick in the brain even more.  A very practical method is during general conversation with family and friends. When you are asked, “Do you have a lot to do today?”, don’t just respond with a basic “Yeah”.  Respond by reciting your list of what you need to do.  This will keep it on top of your brain and also makes others hold you accountable.

Now let’s get to it!!!

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